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Houston police departments are overwhelmed. If you want to protect your property and your business, you're going to have to take extra steps.

The timing

When do you need
unarmed security guards?

Unarmed security guards or non-commissioned security guards are appropriate when you need security, but you know that the presence of armed guards could increase risk and liability. Schools, hospitals, apartments, and shopping centers often have too many innocent bystanders to risk using armed security guards, but still need crime and theft deterrents on-site.

the timing

Get security without forces

Sometimes, unarmed guards can also diffuse and end criminal activity simply by approaching suspects and speaking to them.

For example, an unarmed guard can gently encourage
such individuals to move along without causing any
major incidents.

If you're experiencing problems with loiterers

Make an informed choice

Frequently Asked Questions

What do unarmed security guards do?

Unarmed security guards are an excellent way to do just that. Our team of well-trained security guards is committed to keeping your property, your employees, and your guests as safe as possible.

We hold each and every one of our guards accountable for ensuring they are meeting their responsibilities at your company.

How effective are unarmed security guards?

Studies show a significant decrease in crime even when unarmed security guards are the only guards on-location.

They can provide a human element to other security measures you may be taking, such as security alarms or security cameras. They are right there to respond to incidents, which gives you an edge on protecting your assets.


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