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Our highly trained armed security guards bring deep professionalism to your location.



Protects Assets

Our armed guards are prepared to protect your most important assets, and are more than capable of making the right decisions in high-pressure situations.

Are armed security guards right for your business?

The timing

When do you need
armed security guards?

You should consider armed security guards when you run a high-risk business which deals in expensive items or uses expensive equipment to do their job. Businesses that deal in valuable secrets may also wish to protect their locations with armed guards.

Consider the resale value of whatever is in your location.

Some of our armed security clients include:

Jewelry businesses
Construction Sites
Art galleries
Financial institutions
Car dealerships
Cutting edge electronics and computers companies

Get a threat assesment

If you can foresee a situation which would involve an armed intruder entering your property, then it is a good idea to hire armed security guards.

Armed guards are also quite effective in situations where the nature of the business exposes the business to large, rowdy crowds. Sporting events, concerts, and other such businesses will need the extra authority armament provides.

We will be happy to perform a threat assessment, and to make a recommendation.

Make an informed choice

Frequently Asked Questions

What do armed security guards carry?

An armed guard isn't restricted to guns. A guard is considered armed if they're carrying batons, pepper spray, or tear gas.

However, most of our clients request guards who are armed with firearms so they are capable of handling the most dangerous situations that might occur on location.

How effective are armed security guards?

Studies show armed security guards lead to significant reductions in crime. While even an unarmed security guard can provide this deterrent effect, an armed guard is even more effective.

Simply put, placing armed guards on your property makes your business a harder target. Criminals are more likely to go find some other place to victimize.

When are armed security guards authorized to use lethal force?

The primary responsibilities of security guards are to deter, observe, and report.

An armed security guard may only use force if they or a third party are in imminent danger.
The amount of force they bring to bear must be reasonable to the situation they have encountered.


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