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We offer best-in-class unarmed and armed security guards to some of Houston's most well-known companies, properties, and organizations.

protect your bussiness


Protect Your Business

Private Security Services

You know Houston police officers are overwhelmed.
They also don't prevent crimes. They respond after the fact.


Industries We Serve

We serve a wide variety of industries, including:

Jewelry stores
Construction companies
Technology companies
Banks & financial institutions
Golf clubs
Manufacturing companies
Car dealerships
Financial institutions
Paid parking lots
Retail stores & shopping malls
Events & exhibitions
Office & commercial building
Oil & gas companies
Apartment & gated communities

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We adapt the services we provide to your normal business operations so that you get outstanding value from each and every one of our guards.

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Who Should Consider Using
Private Security Services?

Your business is politically charged

We don't take a political stance. We just note that some companies draw political attention.

For example, the oil and gas industry draws attention from environmentalists who take issue with their practices.

While most activists are peaceful there is always a subset of the population ready to resort to violence, sabotage, vandalism, or theft to push their political aims. If your business is vulnerable to this sort of attention, we can help.

You operate in a known high crime area

If the area is a known high crime area then you have a legal responsibility to protect your guests and customers. Failure to do so can lead to personal injury lawsuit when criminal activity leads to harm.

Hiring security guards can help you demonstrate that you've taken reasonable steps to protect your property, and can help prevent incidents.

Your business model depends on ensuring authorized use of the premises.

Your business model depends on ensuring authorized use of the premises.

Do you lease office space or living spaces? Do you sell parking spaces?

While you might be happy to invite the public onto your premises in exchange for a
reasonable fee, there are always those who are going to want to cheat the system.

Our security guards can help ensure you do not lose profits to these bad actors.

Your business sells valuables with good resale value, or uses them.

Theft is on the rise in Houston, and both retail goods and equipment are vulnerable.

Do you sell cars, jewelry, or electronics? You need security guards.

Do you deal with cash money on a regular basis? You need security guards.

Is the equipment that fuels your business worth thousands, or perhaps millions of dollars? That's true of the construction industry, and it's true of many technology companies as well. You need security guards.



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