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Need security for your business, office complex, or commercial property in Houston, TX?

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Protect Your Personnel and Assets

Our security guards can help. Our guards are dedicated, diligent, highly trained, licensed, certified, and motivated.

We've screened each and every one of our people to ensure they are people of integrity who are ready to work.


By Commercial Security Guards

Our guards provide a wide variety of services, including:

Access control
Maintaining visitor logs
Checking employee IDs
Enforcement of property regulations
Providing fire watch services
Acting as first responders in emergencies
Prevent theft, vandalism, and workplace violence
Escort employees off the property after a termination
Prevent loitering, unauthorized property use, and other undesirable activities
Assisting employees, guests, customers, and other visitors in the event of an evacuation or emergency

Do you provide armed security guards?

We can help you conduct a thorough threat assessment to determine how many guards you might need, where you should effectively post them, what services we can provide to your specific business, and more.

We provide both armed and unarmed security guards, as well as guidance on when it's appropriate to use both.

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Make Your Business
a Harder Target

Criminals prefer easy, unsupervised targets. Our security team is a proven crime deterrent. Our security guards are also trained to diffuse situations, assist law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting criminals, and even to be the first line of defense when something goes wrong.

The most important weapons our guards bring to the table are their training, their common sense, their vigilance, and their integrity. We care about your business.

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If you have special needs or requirements of your security guards, please let us know.

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