Who Offers Private Security Services in Houston, TX?

Who Offers Private Security Services in Houston, TX?


Are you concerned about what goes on around your property at night? When a security system and surveillance cameras don’t provide the level of security you need, call on American Guards of Houston, TX. We offer neighborhood patrol, night watch and 24/7 services. Our guards can patrol your property on foot, on bicycles or in cars.

We operate on three levels of security:
  • Level 2 – Unarmed security officer
  • Level 3 – Armed officer carrying a gun, Taser and handcuffs
  • Level 4 – A personal bodyguard
Contact us at 713-278-9700 to learn more about our security services.

What to expect when you book our security services

You’re just a phone call away from setting up security services for your property. Here’s what you can expect when you reach out to us:

  • We’ll listen to your security concerns
  • We’ll visit your site and determine how many guards you’ll need and the length of time you’ll need them
  • We’ll quote a fee that takes into account your location, your needs and type of guard you’ll employ
Rely on American Guards to secure your neighborhood, business or private event.