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Find armed private security services in Houston, TX

You have the responsibility of hosting an event, and you want to make sure that all your guests and attendees feel comfortable while it’s going on. With the help of American Guards of Houston, TX, you won’t have to pay attention to everything going on around you. We offer uniformed security services to secure the premises of your event, office, retail space or residential community.

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3 reasons to hire a security service

Hiring private security is a great way to protect yourself, your property and your guests. Here are a few reasons you can trust us to secure your property or event:

  1. We’ll heighten security measures in a neighborhood
  2. We’ll take steps to minimize theft and other crime at your commercial facility
  3. We’ll protect guests at your private event

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Hire private security guards & security service in Houston, TX

American Guards is a professional security service based in Houston, TX. With decades of combined experience in the security field, we are dedicated to providing security and protection services to owners and operators of commercial spaces, residential developments, construction sites and private events. Hire well-trained armed or unarmed guards to protect your investments and provide peace of mind. We also offer 24/7 and emergency security services.

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